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The Over 50's Club was launched in June 2000 and the membership has steadily grown to about 40. People have a lot to gain by being a member of our club, with lots of fun, games, outings etc organised specifically by members who care about them.


  1. Generally open to all over 50 years of age who are members of ICCA, please see terms of reference in the "Policy" section of this website for full details.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To educate members concerned with problems about health, finance, pension and Social Security Benefits etc.
  • To support, help and give company to isolated members.
  • To help with communication, filling-in forms and provide any other language related assistance
  • To organise day outings for social and religious enlightenment.

Our Meetings

  • We meet every two weeks at the Bharat Bhavan (former old library), Off Mill Road, Cambridge from 10.30 a.m. till. 1p.m.
  • We have readings from the Bhagvad Gita followed by reading the previous meeting's minutes.
  • In the past we have had speakers on Social Security Benefits, finance, travel etc where members can exchange their views and ask questions, to be better informed.
  • We celebrate member's birthdays with a cake and giving a card.
  • We discuss and make plans for outings or other events.

The highlight of the programme is enjoying delicious lunch.

Our Committee

  • Run under ICCA Chair, with members of club